Our Philosophy

What makes one qualified CPA firm different from the next? At Harvard and Associates, we believe that taking a big-picture view of financial management that goes beyond accounts payable and filing taxes sets us apart. Our client relationships are based on year-round communication and a mutual trust that focuses on long-term financial success. It is much easier to help someone you know — so we make sure we know our clients.

By offering services such as tax planning and business and management consulting, we help clients make sound decisions that will impact their families for years to come. Whether it is simply reducing a tax liability or planning the sale of a business, we are personally invested in the success of every client and looking forward to serving them year after year.

Even though we are large enough to offer the latest bells and whistles and a wide array of professional services, we are small enough to greet clients by name and talk about the ups and downs of another successful year.

If you want just another CPA firm, there are plenty to choose from. If you are ready for more, we would love to talk.